Monday, August 15, 2011

French sayings the short and the sweet

I learned two new sayings in the past 18 hours since four Parisiennes descended chez nous. But ah yes, in one of my posts I told you about the pattisserie (pastry chef) plumber who worked on our plumbing and how our pipes were twisted like a meringue. Difficult to have guests with little children and no hot water. Well, the hot water is under control, the house relatively clean and les Parisiennes are ensconced upstairs ensuite. I've got smashed banana all over my sleeves from Gabrielle - just one year old - and she woke up at 4am still on Paris time but we're all in love with her.
So the new French sayings are:
My foot is itchy - accompanied by a raising of the boot which really means - i'd like to kick you for what you just said

Boules (like Italian bocce ball) isn't only a national sport it's two sports.
One to flick the wrist as you throw the silver ball, the other to lift the elbow with a glass of Pastis.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Here's an unrelated youtube but it's taken in Paris when Leighton and I did a reading at Shakespeare & Co and my cop friend upstaged us!!

  2. Now that's a sport I can relate to.