Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book Season

In Iceland most books come out for Christmas, mainly at the end of November. The month of December is therefore very hectic for writers with endless readings and interviews, particularly during the first half of the month. My book is doing really well, surprisingly enough since I veered away from crime this time around and wrote a horror/ghost story. The title is "Ég man þig" which translates as: "I remember you".

For reasons related to all of the hoops jumped, I am just too bushed to blog anything of any value and must ask you to excuse me this time around. Next week I will be posting from Santiago Chile, hopefully having many wonderful things to describe and touch upon. The trip has nothing to do with books and everything to do with geothermal energy, a welcome break after a hectic fortnight of writer related stuff.

Till then

Yrsa - Wednesday


  1. Yrsa, that you can go from detailed, dark, enthralling, engrossing books to geothermal energy boggles my mind and makes me rethink the notion that I have any kind of a mind at all.

    From winter to summer on a plane, enjoy.


  2. Could you give more publishing details, such as the ISBN, for those of us who would like to order it?

  3. Yrsa

    When are you going to decorate that fabulous Christmas tree you always have? That must take weeks.

    Good travels