Tuesday, November 2, 2010

parking Parisian style

Parking Parisian style in Montmartre

Especially if you were a 15 year old and your father, Skorbda was Jewish Communist Polish activist and on the Gestapo hit list

and the last time you saw him was in this building for one night in 1943 before he was caught and deported and died at Struthof Natzweiler camp - the only French camp - in Alsace.

Tali Skorboda grew up in the Marais and spent hours with me recounting his and his father's story today then driving around his old haunts, the school in the Marais, the bordel on his street where the hookers gave them candy and exchanged snowball fights, the old locksmiths, everywhere, every corner brought a memory. I'm on circuit overload...no grills in PDV and this was a bathhouse the place was squalid..
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