Friday, March 23, 2018

Words Of The Year 2017

Here’s blog I have had  tucked up my sleeve for  a few weeks now. The fact I lost the list it was based on   had nothing to do with the delay.

We are back to thinking about the new words than came  into our consciousness  in the year 2017.  As far as 2018 is concerned we only have five words to deal with. The Beast From The East.

Yes, we are having some more weather.

                                               Jim, the gender neutral cabin boy from Carry On Sleuthing

Anyway,   manel is a panel, crime writing or otherwise,  that is made up of those with the XY chromosome combination. Equally the fanal, is  similar but made up of the XX variety. The XXX are probably incarcerated or avoiding Olympic chromosome testing   and the YYY are all called Delilah.

A sausagefest is a male centered gathering which will be full of manspreaders  broflaking.  ( Blokes sitting with their legs apart – not a common thing here due to kilt mentality- while they grumble about being on a shaky powerbase )   And a  snowflake  are those folks easily offended  by … well anything  you care to mention.  Scotland is now a breeding ground  for snowflakes  and they are not all due to the beast from the east. Or the pest from the west.

Hepeated is an interesting one. That’s when a XX says something and it’s ignored  until a XY  repeats it  and then everybody pays attention. I do wonder what planet the people who invent these words live on, I mean WHO pays attention to anything an XY says unless it’s ‘Shall I take the bin out?’  or ‘Here’s this fiver I owe you.’

Mansplaining is that thing XYs do when talking to XXs and thinking they do have to EXPLAIN it.  Well to be fair, there are somethings that men do have to explain, like lager, the offside rule and the fascination  with  gigabytes.
                                                           fluent in covfefe during Frisbee destruction

Of course there has been the influence of He We Shall Not Speak Of;  Kompromat- a word for  compromising material that has been around since the 30’s but is having a resurgence.  And Covfefe of course which I know to be the noise a Staffordshire Bull Terrier makes when a piece of Frisbee lodges up a nostril. It’s like three quick sneezes in succession. Equally, the old English word Dotard is making a comeback due to increase in dotards in power.

Hygge, a Danish word for contentment and appreciating the moment which has now been hijacked  by interior designers so it now means profit and dollar signs in front of the eyes. In 2018 it might be Lykke (happiness and fulfilment). I am likking lykke.

Lagom is going to be the word of 2018 ( decided nobody yet) and that means having just enough in a fairer society kind of way. And there’s Hebrew word coming up in the outside lane ‘Firgun’ meaning taking pleasure in the pleasure of others, the opposite of McSchadenfreude which is Scottish people smirking at anything.  

Gorpcore is an interesting one. It’s when outside clothing becomes fashionable shorts with leggings underneath, or a snood over a cap. For those of us from colder climes, our outerwear tends not to be a fashion statement, it keeps the water off!

And I’m kind of through with non-binary. You are XX or XY or vary between the two. You can be all if you want, but you can’t be neither or, to quote Douglas Adams,  you are in danger of disappearing in a puff of logic.

I mean, they (who??) want to introduce Mx instead of Miss, Mrs, or Ms. And that is supposed to mean my gender is not your business. Fair enough. In Scotland Miss means, none of your business, legally I mean. The Ms has no significance at all. Mrs means married but Miss means all of the above but it’s not pertinent. Hence why professional ladies ( Doctors and lawyers I mean not err… yes indeed well..)  are still Miss after marriage.
                                                       Another bloody unicorn

We have suffered the  mermaid smoothie and the unicorn coffee – all  multi-coloured and sparkly food and drink. That  includes toast, I kid you not. This is supposed to cheer us up.

I was talking to a person the other day who looks after a very famous place where lots of American men like to hit small balls around a field while avoiding a small hole with a flag in it. This place has a secret. They have  a very rare sub species of white deer roaming  over the area.

                                                                 A real unicorn

When  the aforementioned Americans report back to the bar after 18 holes, sitting  sipping a malt and explain to the barman about these ghost like, flitting creatures, the bar man looks shocked and asks them not to tell anybody. He turns and lifts the phone to the office. ‘‘The unicorns have escaped again.’  
                                                        Or a real unicorn?

Caro Ramsay XX Non Snowflake  23 03 2018


  1. I love the story about the unicorn! I hope it's true! (I didn't understand much of the rest, but then I'm one of those people who think 'disrespect' isn't a verb. How conservative can you get?)

  2. I’m so glad I got to comment after Michael did, because otherwise I’d have thought it was just me...or that I’d accidentally taken two oxycodone instead of Tylenol. Or was it oxycovfefe? God bless Douglas Adams. XO.

  3. At least the language is evolving if not the species.

  4. I know I'm old. I've reached that point where I not only am not keeping up with all the latest words, terms, and acryonyms, but I no longer WANT to keep up with them. That's why I've started making up my own, it's so much more fun.

    I'm a sad, sad sod.