Friday, November 17, 2017

Raining Cats And Dogs!

We had a few days in Toronto recovering from Bouchercon. 
Toronto is very proud of many things, including Yonge Street, Toronto (pronounced ‘Young’ and ‘Trono’  which was the longest street in the world for many years until 1999. It is  86km long. It was  formerly part of Highway 11 as well as being the main street in Toronto,  created  initially for for military purposes, it is very straight and true. 
In  some of its history, it has had suffered 'trouble with bears'. Unspecified....

So now onto wee bits of water, and some really big bits of water.

The rainbow over some very big and famous waterfalls.
2500 cubic metres of water every second.
 I think that is slightly less than the water that  was pouring through the leak we had in the ceiling of the practice earlier in the year.

On a bicycle built for two.
 that would be a tandem then.
Stronger together,
and that  is a name of the anti independence movement over here.

I was very sick with vertigo when I was up there, it was too far to go.  (See what  I did there).
Vertical travel  confuses the human ear, we are not built for it. And as I was last in the I was right at the doors. The glass doors.
But  I did like seeing the sharks on the roof of the aquarium from up there. 

Here is a Toronto ( pronounced Trono ) bus stop. Did  you spot the cat?

Berczy Park, Trono, has been renamed, informally- Barksy Park due to this lovely fountain. I want one in my garden.

The massive two tier structure boasts statues of twenty seven different dogs.

And one cat that sits on the rim of the lowest pond. The cat had to be included due to massive protests at the fountain being dog only. 

The cat on the roof of the bus stop was added  afterwards, just to even the score up a bit.

You  can see the cat sitting on the wall of the fountain here, minding his own business but thinking of causing trouble that the pugs will get the blame for.

Open for dogs to drink and swim from, its proven popular with the roughly 2,000 dogs that visit the park each day, but skateboarders have been banned after the Golden Retriever statue suffered a damaged paw before the grand opening.

There are 240 000 dogs in Trono, and many  of them are proper dogs ( ie a dog that  does not fit into a handbag).

A Bernese?

Slim Russian Terrier? Tall Airedale?

English bull terrier- at least  you always know where this one is. They are reputed to be the most stupid and obstinate of all dog breeds.  I wonder if they are actually in charge of the Brexit negotiations.   I wonder if they  could do better.

All dogs are focused on that  golden bone at he top of the fountain.

It's a lovely park, surrounded by traffic on all four sides.

A nearby statue.

The Trono flat iron which they  say  is older then the NY version but only by a  few years.

The next we were here. Looking at this.
And thinking about superman!

Caro Ramsay 

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  1. WOW, Caro, take a BOW!!

    Barbara particularly liked that fountain--and as if that weren't enough water, made me stop at the Falls.