Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Paging Homer Simpson...

I am currently working on an article about Chinese craft beer for a magazine (more on that when I can), and as I may have mentioned before here, I am not so good with the creative multitasking (also, I have a hard time typing some days). Anyway as I was going through my photos for this project, I came across a bunch I took on a trip to Qingdao a few years ago and thought I would share them (less typing that way). I'd gone to Qingdao because I'd heard it was a nice city (this is relative when you are discussing Chinese cities, sad but true).

And actually, it IS a rather nice city, with a beach (it gets crazy but still, a beach)

And all kinds of interesting European architecture.

Good seafood and nice people:

But the main reason I wanted to go to Qingdao was because of…the beer…

Qingdao is the home of the eponymous Tsingtao Brewery. Founded by Germans in 1903, Qingdao produces China's best known beer, if not its best-selling (that honor belongs to a beer called Snow), and they offer tours.

What beer lover could resist?

"Tsingtao Beer can give you passion and happiness!"

I think the mural is of the "God of Wine" (and beer). Here he is in the factory garden:

"the god of wine is Coming, facing the sunglow, tresding the spray, and raising the glass full of sincere tsingtao Beer liquor."

(I do not write these things. I only report)

Inside the brewery, these guys look like they are propped up by their rakes…

Tsingtao was much concerned with environmentalism the year I visited (2009).

And look, beer is good for you!

"Beer filter during the Beginning Time"


And yes, we did get to drink the beer, too! 

Outside of the brewery, beer's influence was everywhere:

Qingdao has a big beer festival in mid/late August--one of these years, I'm going to check it out! 

Lisa…every other Wednesday...


  1. A beery good post, Lisa, thanks for the pics! (Now quit procrastinating and buy that ticket to QingDao!)

  2. Beer and seafood. Probably worth learning the language just for that!

  3. Lisa, my father was in Tsingtao in 1946, with the contingent of American Marines who were at the Japanese surrender and left there to guard the Japanese military, 700,000 strong, during the process of shipping them back to Japan. I wish he could see these photos of what the city looks like now. It was pretty horrible seventy years ago.

  4. Interesting about the beer consumption. Any good non-alcohol varieties? Stop rolling your eyes. :)9