Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Iceland, Norway and Finland come to the Bay Area Book Festival

 Or subtitled: Yrsa, Yrsa and more Yrsa, our former blogmate.
 So we had our first ever, and wildly successful, Bay Area Book Festival this weekend. Yrsa heralded the Scandi crime trio with Thomas Enger, above from Olso, and Antti from Helsinki. Yrsa came with her 18 year old daughter Kristine who took many of these photos. Above there's Yrsa and I snapped by Kristine at lunch pretending we were in Sicily.
 I can't believe Yrsa's a grandmother.
 Here we are with Thierry Maugenest who'd flown in from Aix-en-Provence and sold out of his books.  I forgot the Gallic component.
 Here Yrsa puts up with me in BART because we had to wait for dear David Corbett to return and bring back the notes and questions for my panel - which I stupidly put in David's bag.
 More of our pretend Sicilian trattoria luncheon.
Yrsa, Thomas and Antti...I moderated and you'd never know from the serious looks that the Nordic trio had the sold out room laughing most of the time. Of course, we know Yrsa and everyone loves her Icelandic stories and how she thinks Icelandic bad guys do the stupidest crimes.

Cara - Tuesday
PS Yrsa sends love to everyone xoxo


  1. Ah, Yrsa, we do miss your weekly visits! It's good to 'see' you, even if we didn't get to 'hear' you. :-) Thanks, Cara!!! Sounds like everyone (well, at least you and Yrsa) had a good time.

  2. So fun to catch up with Yrsa, EvKa! Her daughter Kristine is so sweet and now after meeting Oli, her husband, often I just need to meet her son then will know the whole family!
    Yrsa has started a new series, the first is DNA but it won't come out in English for 2 years

  3. Thank you, Cara. These photos of the two of you are a tonic to behold. Your imitation Trattoria Sciliana looks quite convincing!!!

  4. Your post brought a smile to my face, Cara, just thinking about how much fun you must have had. And yes, Yrsa's family is delightful...but so's yours. :)

  5. Please send our love back to Yrsa. It was because of her I found this wonderful and entertaining blog. I've been grinning ever since thanks to all of you.

  6. Hello all from Scotland where.... drum roll... the sun shone today for five millseconds. I saw Yrsa briefly at Crimefest, but had other dinner plans ( as readers will know!). Great to see you having a nice time. Not jealous at all me. Not at all. Nope.

  7. OMG, Yrsa is a grandmother??? It must be all the scourged sheep's head!