Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Greetings from Beijing!

Hello all!

I'm in Beijing, having returned from a mad dash from one end of China to the other in a quest to try Chinese craft beers.

I'll try and have an actual post up for you in a couple of hours, but in the meantime, I leave you with this:

Lisa…every other Wednesday…er…is it actually Wednesday where you are?


  1. If you just returned from madly dashing after craft beers, what appears in a couple of hours should have us all hopping.

    Yes, I really wrote that.

    1. hahahah! Yes, I've tried craft beer from one end of China to the other. Am actually about to run out and interview a local brewer here in Beijing, so putting up an actual post might have been overly optimistic on my part. Plus I have a hideous cold. Which really does interfere with the beer-tasting, alas!