Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Criminal Teletubbies

I admit that I am the least orangised author participating on this blog and I apologise. If you are in the mood for excuses, read on, if not skip to the next paragraph. Last week I had a deadline the day after my blog posting was due and was so swamped that I did not even have time to put up a notice to explain or apologize. I did not have time to add milk to my coffee, drank it black to save seconds. Today I am travelling so this posting will not be all that hot either.

All I have to offer today is am Icelandic news item that caught my attention last week and I found funny. Here we subtitle foreign programs on the TV, we do not dub. Sometimes this can lead to errors in translation as I have previously srote about but this time the error was technical, namely the wrong subtitles were put on a childrens program many of you will know, not for its brilliance in plot or dialog but for its bizarreness which appeals to the very young. I am talking about the Teletubbies. This was on the screen but the subtitles were from the Sopranos. Here are two screenshots borrowed from that give you an example of what went down:

Harðskeytt Lala segir Pó til syndanna
Lala to Po: That was.... last week last week when you killed the dog.

Harðskeytt Lala segir Pó til syndanna
Lala to Po: I know that you were high on drugs at my mother-in-law's funderal.

Good thing is, no harm done - the viewers of this particular program cannot read.

Yrsa - Wednesday


  1. That's hilarious.
    As are your typos.
    I can tell you were in a hurry to do this one.
    Knowing your sense of humor, I kept trying to figure out the joke -- what it meant to be orangised -- (I kept visualizing a big, fat, orange).
    And then I gave up, kept on reading and discovered it wasn't a joke at all.
    But, typos or not, your posts are always a delight.

  2. I agree with Leighton; your posts are delightful. I just finished "The Day is Dark," and I'm still cold :). Very good! I hope you get some breathing space soon.

  3. Hilarious! Yrsa, you are a cure for the blues AND the oranges. Thank you from New York, where today we are enduring the Bride of Frankenstorm.

  4. After Leighton, Lil, and Annamaria, all I can think to add is that I thought I'd seen Lala and Po hanging out around The Bada Bing!