Friday, May 19, 2017

A foot in Fussen

On day two we had travelled from just within the Czech border, through Dachau, down and across a bit to Fussen which is very close to the Austrian border.

It was our most expensive campsite - 23 Euros a night.

The campsite has a beautiful lake in front, then a plateau of rich green grazing for highland ( yes they get everywhere ) cattle and Barvarian ponies. The green baize is dotted by white churches and picket fences. It looked a lot like the set of The Little House On The Prairie.
We arrived late, in the dark. We parked up and fell asleep.
The next day we turned the camper round 90 degrees as the view was better.

Fussen was established as a town in pre Roman times, situated at the start of the mountains and at the head of the lake, it had a lot going for it. It was ideal as a trading route, goods came over the mountains, then onto the lake and loaded onto a raft to be floated down the river Lech.
It was also the centre for lute manufacture - and that is a sentence you don't hear often.

It is known now for tourism. It  is the corner of the kings; the Konigswinkel.
I thought Scotland had a lot of castles but we are mere beginners when compared with the Barvarians.
And we have nothong like the Neuschwanstein Castle and the Hohenschwangau Castle.

And, of course, there is the Romantic Road. Which I think is responsible for many couples splitting up. It's not romantic. It's not a road.

Here's the photies  ( as we say in Glasgow) 

The view to the front of the camper
The view out the back.

Not exactly overcrowded.

I had some writing to do so we turned the camper round another 90 degrees so I had the view through the side window as I battered away to meet/miss a deadline.

And I scribbled into the evening.

Then I noticed, through the fence, with my super long lens camera, something on the mountain...

A walk round the camp showed that some folk live there. In here, is a caravan with an awning on the awning.

This is an official  hundedusche. A dog shower.  And NOT a chemical toilet.
Hundedusche is a great word, I plan to use it in books more often.

The reception of the camp, typically Barvarian.

And I scribbled onto sunset as the next day we would go to..... ( roll of drums ) , the Neus, the Neuwa, the Neusc.... the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle.

And, without doubt, that film has the greatest villain in cinematic history. The Child Catcher.

Caro Ramsay 19th May 2017


  1. The hundedusche is closely related to America's new President, the baggadusche.

    Lovely place, Caro. Looks a little chilly, but wow, lookit dem mountains!

  2. Thank you so much for taking us along, Caro. I'm glad I'm not the only one compulsive enough to work rather than gaze at a gorgeous view.

  3. I love the sense of fantasy throughout Bavaria. Thank you for bringing it all back ...and with such a chitty chitty hundedusche.