Friday, September 6, 2013

Picture this!

Like a lot of the MIE writers, this is a busy time so not much time for a blog I had to think about. So here's one which I hope will make you laugh. There is a Scottish word 'Smirkle'  which used to mean 'smile' but has come to mean smirking about something you know deep down you shouldn't really be smirking about--- if you are a responsible, mature adult.

I am not a responsible, mature adult and these make me smirk!

These are photographs being banded around under the banner "twenty five reasons why Scotland is great" but I had to remove the really rude ones.  And they were the funniest...

 1) Tee hee!!                                                      

2) Democracy and great dress sense all in one!

3) Here is a picture of an Australian filming in Ireland playing a Scotsman selling stuff to tourists.

4) I'm still trying to get the maths on this one, it's only slightly easier than a royalties statement.

5) This has only been superseded by  the donkey that escaped onto the Glasgow underground during the filming of Taggart. I think it might be be there.


6) The cheeky genius who used the static balloon to influence the world's most famous comb over. (Come on, I bet you had a wee smirkle at that).

7) This is the sort of thing that the Scottish Government is trying to stop in the face of public opinion.
I wonder how much whisky Donald Trump drinks and how many haircuts he has.

8) This is the sort of thing that goes on in Edinburgh.  You are supposed to be admiring the architecture.

9) I have to confess that the essence of this picture is a huge boon to modern crime fiction. The mobile phone signal is always on a hope and a prayer.

10) Our sense of innovation means we can cope with both drought and flood. We have actually only ever experienced the latter.

11) Note the definition of soft drinks ...

12) We sometimes lack any sense of self realisation. Our football team follows a similar psychological model.

13) This is the bus replacement service for a cancelled train. It says "choo choo, I am a train".

14) We have clear and explicit instructions on our massive transport infrastructure.

15) The further north you go, the worse the weather and the more bizarre the activities of the locals to amuse themselves.  Anybody who knows Stuart McBride knows this.

16) And then there is the devolution debate and the big vote next year to become a separate nation - again.

Apologies to our southern neighbours.... 

Hope you enjoyed that, hope you had a giggle.

Caro GB
6 September 2013


  1. Ahh these made me homesick!

  2. I don't know where to start. Far too much material to work with. Caro, I'm on Smirkle overload (Merkel, too). Though I must say the restaurant critic above the chimney pipe does get to deliver his opinion in a way far more likely to be noticed than a Trip Advisor rant.

    Loved 'em.

  3. Thanks for including the "twenty five reasons why Scotland is great" which, when Google'd, brings up the (more offensive?) complete list.

    Greet stoof! (Nae I'm gone be talkin' leek a Scootsman aye day. Sheesh!)

    (Well, like an idiot American's poor attempt at talking like a Scottish fellow. Thank God for Star Trek and James Bond!)

  4. Thirteen, the bus proclaiming it's identity crisis, is genius and it had to smooth the ruffled feathers of the people who waiting for it. I gave that one a "laugh out loud".


  5. I love the ability of the Scots to laugh at themselves. Thanks for this. Although given the weather that Stuart MacBride writes about, I might have expected the man would drown in the bin. :)