Friday, April 19, 2019

The Road More Travelled

At the moment of typing this, I am at the top of a Glen,  heading down towards the sea. I was looking for a setting for my new book. and I wanted an old oak forest, a really ancient forest  where the bark has been nibbled by many generations of deer.
 And by the snaggle toothed haggis.

 This blog was supposed to be about the Falls Of Lora, but there was an incident with a dog, slippy seaweed, a sea loch and a memory card. Let's just leave that  there.  

So where is here....

Here is definitely along this way,  many, many miles of single track road, with passing places worn out with traffic. Lots of traffic.
So where am I? 

I bet all of you have seen this place, witnessed its beauty on a big screen.
 A very big screen on a very big budget?
 Any ideas yet?

I will give you some clues.

The young haggis around here eat broccoli.
 The haggis cubs, in plural when living in familial  herds are called Cubbys.

We saw this tent but didn't want to spy on them.
 The sky was so heavy, even though the sun was shining, it looked like it mighty fall at any moment.

the rocks are interesting here,  craigs jut out from the already bare out crops. Sorry, did I say craigs, I meant crags, no bare Craigs here....
Water fall, not sky fall so we are ok at the moment.

And yes, intrepid Scottish blogger goes where no film crew has gone before.

So famous, they blocked it off to stop people looking.
I can't say how stupid it looks, a fence in the middle of no where.

Snow peaked mountains through the fir trees. There will be a skier with a parachute along in a minute, delicately raising one eyebrow  sardonically as he looks across Rannoch Moore, sorry Moor.

Oh Deer. It was unfazed by the car, a little shaken maybe but not stirred. 

worthy of panoramic widescreen

 peaceful until folk start blowing things up.

 the snaggle toothed haggis emerging from the loch, this is the golden eyed, snaggle toothed haggis, 

 No it can't be, wrong film.

This is a clear picture of Nessie ( in the wrong loch but her Sat Nav might have been faulty ).
We stayed here for a while, in contemplative silence, after all, you only live once... or twice.

                                        There has been rumours that they are bringing back haggis hunting in the Glen. I'd rather live and let live,
These huge fissures in the rocks were caused by volcanic activity, huge thunderballs.
 there a post box here in fact, the Royal Mail will get through, on Her Majesty's Service.

I sat here and wrote a few letters  with my fountain pen on  really good paper.
It was Basildon Bond.

Well to me, despite the fence it looks as though it  is still standing.



  1. How did you manage to fit Mathilda into the DB5?

  2. The snuggle-toothed haggis is now on my bucket list!

  3. The snuggle tooth haggis can be found in many Scottish homes. Their natural habitat is on a warm rig in front of a wood burning stove.

  4. A wild haggis in its natural habitat! What a great photo!