Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Lately, truth to tell, I don't cook - a little baking once in awhile - but I'm now obsessed with the French cooking app of Marmiton

It's on my phone and with one click there's this amazing dish and quick like a whistle the ingredients and all the prep and cooking step is shown youtubelike.
Yes it's all in French but visually seeing the whole process with ingredients, the chopping and sizzling and mais, oui it looks to simple and easy.
Then it was on to chefclub, the French channel that gets impossibly creative
and yet possibly easy.

I've yet to try any of these recipes but watching the chefs whip them up is mesmerizing. Click and see.
On to French news. There's a flu epidemic in France. The Gilets-jaunes numbers are reported to be dwindling yet they are still demonstrating every Saturday.
Michel le Grand composer of many songs and film scores passed away. Here he is with his composition Windmills of your Mind.

Here is with another great Miles Davis
I'm excited to go to CrimeFest in Bristol this May - looks like we'll have a MIE reunion! Zöe, Caro, the Stanleys and our alum Yrsa. My panels are Friday morning. Can't wait!
Cara - Tuesday


  1. What an app! Appetizing, app.

    Yep, CrimeFest here we come...but first Tucson Festival of Books, Madame Moderator mou. :)

  2. yes, Jeff I'm going to grill you in Tucson :)

    1. So you are taking cooking tips from Sujata's post!:)

  3. Entering France RIGHT NOW. Along the Riviera. :))