Sunday, November 4, 2018

In Love with the California Coast

Annamaria on Monday

Back in the USA after peak experiences with Susan in Japan....

I flew back to SFO and immediately set off for parts north...

For Ft. Bragg and Mendocino and a visit with Dolores Clark and Beverly Clark, cousins to my husband David.

Dolores lives north of Ft.Bragg in a splendid redwood forrest.

We traded family stories and warm companionship, walks in the woods, in the towns, and on the beach.

On Dolores and Byron's property, there is a grove where the California branch of David's family bury the ashes of their loved ones.  Dolores offered to memorialize David there.  

We went to a local garden ornament shop, and I chose an image of Senchu Yugen Kannon, the Buddha that Susan had taught me was the patron of people born in 1936, David's birth year.

Beverly carried the statue to the grove.  I chose a spot for it.  

Dolores cleared a flat area; they placed the statue.

There is a bench nearby where one can meditate.

We each said a few words about David.

Serenity resides there with a memorial to him.


  1. You're one hell of a lady, Sis. Proud to call you my friend. God Bless David's soul.

    1. From Annamaria: Thank you, my brother. It was a great gift of fate that, at this time, I have been in places that felt so right, with people who understand.

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, AmA, and best wishes to you.

    1. From Annamaria: Thank you, EvKa. I am blessed in so many ways.

  3. I love that you placed a Kannon in his honor, and I also love seeing that you had such a beautiful place to stay when you returned from Japan. I miss you already!

    1. I miss you so MUCH! But I could not have had a warmer, more supportive reception than the one I am getting. Xxx