Monday, June 18, 2018

June in Tuscany

Annamaria on Monday

A Trip to the Dentist and Other Delights

It wasn't a toothache screaming to be fixed.  But it was troublesome and demanded attention.  My dentist in NYC gave me a recommendation.  Dr. Ricci--who gave me an immediate appointment and told me his address.  I walked.  Here are some of the wonders I saw along the way:

The raibow flag is a symbol of support for gay rights in NYC.  In Italy it is a
symbol of Pace--peace.  To me it is both.

The Church of San Michele.

The dentist is on this street
The garden across the street from the palazzo where the dentist has his office.
His treatment room, it turned out, over looked this view.

The decoration over the entrance door to the dentist's office!

Later that same day:

A walk along the Arno to the meeting place...

For a drive to the Villa Corsini for an evening of food, conversation, music.

The next day:

Blue sies...

...and a trip to my idea of heaven on earth--Santa Cristina in Chianti...

...and lunch.

...Followed by a visit to an exhibit of the brilliant works of Steve McCurry, the man who took this photo...

,,,and also this one...

...and many more.  And then on to a lovely place in the hills above Florence for dinner after sunset.

Magical.  Even the visit to the dentist.


  1. With you everything is magical!❤️

  2. Grazie, carissima. But without you these magical days would have remained a fantasy.

  3. I thought you were supposed to be working...??? Quit having so much glorious fun without the rest of it. There are laws, you know?

  4. I am working, EvKa. I swear it. Right now I am playing hooky for a few minutes from editing a MS. And I have been solving a reasearch mystery, more about which very soon. But I love my job. So if the law says I have to spend X hours a day doing stuff I find painful, I must plead guilty. Can I testify that it is against my religion to work at a job that gives me nothing but pain?

  5. Not only Florence, but summer! Good thing I like you so much or I might not!

  6. Thank you , Michael. You know you have a standing invitation. Let’s plan!

  7. McCurry would be justifiably proud of what the little girl from Paterson learned to do with her camera. Terrific photos of angelic places.

    1. I can teach anyone to take great pictures in Tuscany, my brother. Come, bring a camera, point it at something, and shoot. The beauty of this place does this rest.

  8. It is good to have distractions from oral pain. Hope you are better!

  9. Such beautiful photos. Thanks.