Friday, November 24, 2017

A home in one.

Him Indoors and his mother took a trip recently to visit this place. Mother is well into her 70's and had not travelled in a plane for over thirty years. To make up from that, she had six flights in  five days. For ease of passage, Him Indoors had left a few hours between each connection  for having a 'nice cup of tea.'

Granny and grandson reunited. He's the 18 year old golf scholarship person.
He's tall. He eats like a plague of locusts.
He leaves no food behind him.

Some Missouri sculpture.
This is all around Columbia.
A certain Mr Deaver studied journalism at this uni.

There were four gyms at the uni. Cardio, light, heavy and American Football.
Granny is practicing in the gym at the hotel.

more sculpture. Maybe the entrance to the town hall?
The golfer did not know as it did not lead to a golf course.

and some more. Maybe a bank, where a young golfer might keep his millions one day.

a wee breather. in the hotel foyer... Jamie checking his phone. I think if he was in hospital he'd check his phone more often than his oxygen supply. 

Ahhh, a place to do some academic studying.
Or play golf videos on You Tube.

A study area in  the student accommodation. Doesn't look that well used,

Open air eating and sunshine.  This is the life of a student nowadays...

A kitchen.
Jamie has never used one of these.

Living room

The penthouse games room view.
And sunshine.

Entrance to the Uni- a bit grand.

The famous square at Mizzou.

The main uni building.
Trophy room at Mizzou golf course

Columbia main street

National Lampoons? 
We Brits have no idea what all this is about.

Some Scottish rain to make them feel at home.

Another frat house. The sports scholarship students are not encouraged to join, maybe due to conflict of interest. To me it only leads to activity that gets you investigated in Law And Order.

Nice though. Where does the money come from?
Collapsed and exhausted. Him indoors left her there for two days then picked her up on the way to the airport.

All back now, safe and sound,

Cato Ramsay 24 11 2017


  1. Cara, I follow the progress Jaimie Chamion with great interest. And glee!

  2. Not only is he such a thoughtful grandson as to bring Granny to college, but so admirably enduring of the sling and arrows (not to mention 9 irons) slung his way by certain persons at the parent level who shall remain unnamed.

  3. I'm impressed byJamie's focus on studying. You may want to mention to him that, just round the corner in Fulton MO, is the National Churchill Museum, where, in 1946, gave his famous speech introducing the term 'Iron Curtain'!! I'm sure he'll be enthralled even though Churchill didn't play golf as far as I know.