Sunday, June 14, 2015

Susan Spann's the Globe: 京都市

 I’m in Japan this week, researching and enjoying the sights. I’d planned to share a more in-depth explanation of the journey—and I’ll deliver, eventually—but unfortunately, the blog interface seems to consider me a pirate due to my foreign URL, and refused to let me aboard to write this blog. Big thanks to Annamaria Alfieri for helping me share at least some photos of the journey to date—and I promise more in the weeks to come! 

The front entrance to Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto

 A dragon statue at a sub-shrine of Fushimi Inari, which sits part way up the mountain.

An Inari Guardian statue at Fushimi Inari — the foxes are Inari’s messengers

The entry pond at Myomanji, a Buddhist Temple north of  Kyoto

The entrance to Nijo Castle — once the residence of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu

 My son, the Sophomore, a Shinto Shrine along Kyoto’s famous philosopher’s path

Susan - Sunday


  1. Thanks for the photos, Susan, and be sure to have too much fun without us! (And thanks for the assist, AmA!) I look forward to a comprehensive report at a date to be determined...

  2. A taster for a great blog to come. It looks fascinating and rather enchanting. Thanks AmA.

  3. Please excuse the technical question, Susan, but these photos are so evocative I'm just wondering what camera and lens did you use?

  4. Thanks, Susan. I was at Fushimi Inari two weeks ago. Wonderful place. I loved the escape from town up the mountain. Also the delightful foxes! But sadly I missed the dragon, so special thanks for that picture.